Many people are concerned about the security of giving their credit card numbers over the internet. This is understandable, as cases of credit card fraud seem to always be on the increase.

All credit card payments accepted at the Allister Bradley website are managed through PayPal, an industry-leading provider of payment facilities over the internet.

When using a credit card via PayPal, the vendor to whom you send a payment will never be made aware of your credit card number. PayPal maintains the highest levels of internet security when accepting and processing your credit card payment, and PayPal deals directly with the financial institutions supporting your credit card, so the vendor does not possess your number and is not required to implement high-security payment support on their website.

On the Allister Bradley website, you DO NOT need to sign up for a PayPal account to use your credit card; the transaction will be processed through PayPal's systems even if you choose not to become a PayPal member. However, if you enjoy shopping on the internet, PayPal is an excellent choice for maintaining your security while using your credit card to shop at various on-line retailers.

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