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Never Came Down Released: July 2011

Allister's third studio album was written in 2008-2009, with the intention of approaching production differently than the first two albums. The goal was for Allister to produce and engineer the album himself, inviting talented local players onto the sessions and later onto the stage, rather than bringing in one-time studio musicians.

After Allister won Mike Pinder's 2008 Songwars competition, Mike graciously arranged for the prize to include two full days of recording in Allister's choice of studio - the fabulous Barber Shop Studio, in New Jersey. This allowed Allister to rehearse a trio to travel to New Jersey and record the bed tracks for seven of the ten songs for the album. The remainder of recording took place in Guelph, Ontario and in Allister's own Left Side Studio in Kitchener, Ontario.

Vocal tracking, orchestration and mixing stretched out over the better part of 2010, and the album was finally released in mid-July of 2011.

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Too Released: March 2008

Allister returned to producer Darren Walters in late 2007 to begin recording his second studio album. The songs revealed a maturing songwriter, taking on a more serious tone and tougher lyrical issues.

Gary Craig was back behind the drums, but this time Scott Alexander was enlisted to add both upright acoustic and electric bass to the decidedly jazzier arrangements. Allister, Gary and Scott recorded the bed tracks for the album live as a trio. Guitars were overdubbed in later sessions, employing Mike Francis, Rik Emmett and Blair Packham to fill out the guitar parts. Steve O'Connor's Hammond organ and accordian were recorded in Steve's home, in Cobourg, Ontario. Ian Tanner provided orchestral and vocal arrangements, joining Amoy Levy and Nicole Sinclair on backing vocals, and Kevin Turcotte added trumpet.

The song "What A Day" had been previously recorded by Toronto/Los Angeles producer Justin Gray, but was re-recorded to capture a sound more consistent with the rest of the album. The finished CD was packaged with both versions of the song included.

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No Games Released: November 2004

Allister first met producer Darren Walters in 2003, when fellow artist Byron Jay was recording one of Allister's songs for Jay's debut album. Allister knew instantly that Darren was the right producer to help him take the first step into studio recording.

The songs had been written over a long period of time, so it was a whirlwind for Allister to see the album recorded over a period of just a few months in 2004. Darren brought onboard several veteran studio players - Gary Craig on drums, Ian Tanner on bass, Mike Francis on guitars and Steve O'Connor on Hammond organ. Together, they brought the songs to life in a way Allister had only imagined. For vocal duties, Allister was joined by his stage partners Steve Robinson and Debra Ropp, as the three of them had learned to harmonize over years on stages small and large. A few friends and family members came in to sing-along with the album's closing track, and the album was complete. Allister could not have been happier with the result.

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