“Leroy Silk Unmuted” is now streaming!

Leroy Silk Unmuted is a short film written and directed by Peter Szabo.  It was produced by Possibility Films and Tilted White Shed Music Services (Allister’s studio).  This film was publicly released on April 30th, 2023 with a launch party including all cast and crew (LINK BELOW)!

The film follows the struggles of a post-major label career musician named Leroy Silk, whose glory days of touring arenas around the U.S. are a distant memory.  Though he has a loyal online following of patrons and performs to them regularly by livestream, it’s been years since Leroy has had the confidence to release new music.  All of that is about to change…

Re-written for production during the COVID-19 lockdown, the film was shot remotely with actors on different continents playing their roles to one another.  The songs of Leroy Silk were written by the duo of Allister Bradley and Sean Bertram, and brought to life on-screen by actor/musician Brady Power.

The accompanying soundtrack EP contains studio recordings of the four songs featured in the film:

“California” and “Back to Me”, produced by Allister Bradley with Brady Power singing over a remote internet connection
“Girl Next Door”, performed and produced by Sean Bertram from his U.K. studio
“Come and Get Me”, performed and produced by Allister Bradley

Allister and Sean performed all instruments in the studio recordings.

Look for this soundtrack EP everywhere you find your favourite music.